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With five tiers of video service, four different Internet speed options and crystal clear phone service with a number of features to choose from, customizing a plan that works for you is easy and now more affordable than ever. 

The LUS Fiber Signing Bonus can provide you with an account credit on your first bill based on the bundle you choose in return for a 24 month commitment. It is designed to bundle services together in order for you to receive the largest amount of bill credits.

By signing up for LUS Fiber video, Internet or phone services or add a service to your existing plan, you’ll get up to $75 with the LUS Fiber Signing Bonus! Why wait 3, 6, or 12 months to receive the full value of your LUS Fiber discounts? Bundle with us and get your savings immediately!


Take advantage of our Signing Bonus today and earn savings from LUS Fiber. Bundles include:

  • Double Play Signing Bonus: Existing customers with 1 services can add 1 additional service to receive a $50.00 bill credit!
  • Triple Play Signing Bonus: Existing customers with 1 service can add 2 additional services OR existing customers with 2 services can add 1 additional service to receive a $75.00 bill credit! 


This offer is available to new and existing residential customers.

All recurring and nonrecurring rates and charges are subject to change and are not guaranteed over the life of the 24 month agreement. This includes but is not limited to Video, Internet, and Phone rates.


Give us a call at 99-FIBER today and let one of our Customer Service Specialists build a package that is right for you.



LUS Fiber Signing Bonus Rules:

*Offer available to new and existing residential LUS Fiber customers within the LUS Fiber service territory. This offer may not be combined with other promotional offers and/or discounts. New customers who agree to a 2 year commitment may receive a $50 bill credit for signing up for an LUS Fiber double play bundle or a $75 bill credit for signing up for an LUS Fiber triple play bundle. Existing customers will be awarded bill credits only for new services that are added to their account during the promotional period. Existing customers may receive a $50 bill credit for upgrading to a double play bundle and a $75 bill credit for upgrading to a triple play bundle. Service is defined as video, Internet, or phone and does not apply to "features of services" that may be added. Bill credits will be awarded on the customer's first bill. Customers can only take advantage of this promotion once during the twenty-four (24) month promotion period.

It is understood that the customer has reviewed and is agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of LUS Fiber's Residential Promotional or Discount Service Agreement (posted at lusfiber.com). If a customer initiates termination of any or all of the services included in the Signing Bonus Bundle Promotion offer during the twenty-four (24) month promotional period, application of credits to the account will cease as of the date the customer makes the change and the customer will be charged a $100 Early Termination Fee (ETF) for terminating or eliminating the services associated with this promotional offer. Please refer to the Residential Promotional or Discount Service Agreement (posted at lusfiber.com) for more information about the Early Termination Fee (ETF.) Charges for a Standard Installation are valued at $1,500.00 and are waived for standard residential installations. Any installation costs deemed to be above and beyond standard fees, as determined at the sole discretion of LUS Fiber, are considered additional and will be discussed with the customer at time of installation. All installation/activation fees; equipment charges; applicable state, local or federal taxes; franchise fees; other surcharges and regulatory costs; recovery fees; Pay Per View services; video event subscriptions; Video On Demand rentals; premium channel subscriptions; directory assistance charges; operator-assisted calls; and video, Internet or phone services not specified in your promotional offer or discount are at additional costs and the customer will be responsible for payment thereof. LUS Fiber does not guarantee uninterrupted service. LUS Fiber does not guarantee error-free high speed Internet service, or guarantee the speed of your service. Actual speeds may vary. LUS Fiber does not guarantee the intended results from ZoneAlarm services or that the ZoneAlarm Security Suite software will be error-free, free from interruptions or other failures. An Optical Network Terminal is required equipment in order to receive all LUS Fiber residential video, Internet, and phone services and is included in the residential standard installation. Backup battery power is provided by LUS Fiber for phone service in the event electrical service is interrupted. Phone service, including access to e911 service, may not be available during an extended power outage. Other restrictions may apply. All rates and offers are subject to change. LUS Fiber reserves the right to modify this offer and any conditions thereof, at any time.




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