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Common Support Questions

What is Fiber-To-The-Home technology?

How is Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) technology different than what I have now?

Why do I need fiber optic technology when the signals travel over my existing wiring once the information reaches my house?

How do I know if LUS Fiber is available in my neighborhood?

Will you be digging in my yard?

What equipment will be installed at my home? Will I have to rewire my house? What will that cost?

Does LUS Fiber Internet service include Internet security?

Will my telephone service still work if the power goes off?

Will my current telephone still work on the LUS Fiber system?

Will I be able to call Emergency 9-1-1 using LUS Fiber's telephone service?

How will I know if the telephone Backup Battery Unit (BBU) is working properly?

What should I do if I have concerns with how my phone records are handled?

I am experiencing issues with my Closed Captioning, what should I do?

Will my LUS Fiber service charges be on the same bill as my current LUS utility bill?


Common Support Questions

With an LUS Fiber email account you will be able to send and receive email from any computer or device (including smartphones and tablets). This means that you will enjoy access to your email when at home or traveling. In addition, your messages and contacts will be stored safely on our network, and you will have plenty of storage available. Our easy-to-use email service is upfitted with the kinds of features necessary to keep you communicating efficiently.

What must I do to set up my LUS Fiber email service?

What if I have some questions about email use?

How do I check my email?

Where is my spam (junk mail) stored and how do I access it?

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